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Glad You Made It

Let's Get To It

We're creating a team for the Santa Rosa Film Sprint. 

What's a "Film Sprint"?

It's a competition to create short films. The catch is that you have to do everything start to finish in the span of just two days. We are not to pre-write anything. But we can create a team and begin to prepare ourselves for the experience.

What Can You Do?

What would you like to do? These are roles people can potentially play on our team. You can even potentially do multiple roles if you have the capacity.

  • Director

  • Cinematographer/Key Grip

  • Boom Operator/Audio

  • Actor

  • Documentarian/Photographer (for documenting our creative process)

  • Editor

  • Aides/Runners

  • Costumes

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Musician/Sound Editor

  • Creative Team/Writing

  • Consider volunteering for the event itself:

There are a few non-story things we can work on ahead of the filming weekend (May 29 - 31). Things like scouting locations, sourcing usable music, etc. I've created a Google Doc to share with members once they come on board.

Join Our Team!

Thanks for submitting!

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